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HRD Department

Employee Performance Evaluation – Concurrent


The Company concurrently evaluates the performance of each and every employee involved in production that is billed. This is done on a daily basis and the objectives are stated below:


The concurrent performance evaluation system is designed to:

1                    Ensure High Quality Production

2                    Ensure Turn Around Time deadlines are met.

3                    Ensure Growth in Volume of Production

4                    Ensure identification of high potential performers and reward them

5                    Ensure identification of poor performers and retrain them

6                    Ensure identification of consistent bad performers and eliminate them


The HRD Department has the overall responsibility for the administration of the Concurrent Performance Evaluation Program and will ensure the fairness and efficiency of its execution:

The production planning team which allots the work, the systems department which uploads the work and the quality control department that reviews the work / feedback will provide inputs to the HRD Department to compile the Concurrent Evaluation Report.

The report is in three parts

Report 1 Evaluates the Quantity of lines produced compared to the targets set.

(Responsibility – Systems Dept)  

Report 2 Evaluates the Quality of lines produced compared to the targets set.

(Responsibility – Quality Control)  

Report 3 Evaluates how Quickly the lines are produced and TAT deadlines met.

            (Responsibility – Administration Dept)

The HRD Department should on a daily basis compile the three in a comprehensive report and publish the details on the notice boards – physical and virtual and also discuss the same with the employees to ensure overall improvement in performance. Action should be initiated to reward exceptional performers and weed out consistent bad performers.

IV.          PROCEDURES  

1        The System Department records the time of receiving each file,

2        The Production Planning Team allots the files and enters the volume allotted to each personnel and time of allotment into the system.

3        The Systems Department records the time of completion of the first stage (transcription) for each file.

4        The Systems Department records the time of completion of the second stage (editing) for each file.

5        The Systems Department records the time and completion of the third stage (QC) for each file.

6        The Systems Department records the time of returning each file to the client.

7        The Quality Analyst does a sample checking of 10 % of each personnel’s file and submits the report to the HRD Department.

8        The Administration Department will on a daily basis submit the hours worked today and to-date system based report to the HRD Dept.

9        The HRD Department combines the various reports into the Concurrent Evaluation Report Format and submits it the GM and CE. The Summary report will be posted on the Notice Board highlighting the best three and the worst three performers.


Quality IS supreme but should produce minimum quantity for the grade. The QC department monitors quality on a daily basis for each individual.

Quantity More is generally better subject to quality being minimum acceptable. To ensure higher volumes regular attendance and daily punctuality is meticulously recorded.

Quicker The faster the personnel finishes his allotted quantity at acceptable quality levels, the company’s cost is reduced in terms of infrastructure usage, thereby increasing operating margins. This is the purpose of recording in and out timings of all personnel. 


1        Improper sample selection, do not chose only the difficult or easy dictators for quality checking a judicious and considered mix should be adopted.

2        Delay – a delayed report very often results in delay in taking corrective action and may even cost the company a client.

3        Difficult jobs / easy jobs, ensure allotment of jobs fairly and again with a judicious mix, do not allot all difficult / easy jobs to a particular person (s)

4        Ignoring genuine problems!


Concurrent Performance Evaluation is a joint exercise between the production planning, systems,  quality control and administration departments  The HRD Department only co-ordinates and compiles, the heads of these departments should regularly communicate and monitor the process flow.                

VIII.          SUMMARY            

In this Industry Concurrent Evaluation is of paramount importance and can make the difference survival and elimination. It is to be done regularly systematically and as an extension of the production process.


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