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Operations Personnel Performance Evaluation Form
  Evaluation Period
NAME____________________________________________________________________ Previous Rating Date ________
Emp Code_____________________  Designation:_________________________ Date of Joining _____________
Division_______________________________ Section____________________ Date Appointed to current position_________
Supervisor's Rating :    
 3 = Exceeds job requirements   2 = Meets job requirements 1 = Needs Improvement   0 = No Potential
JOB KNOWLEDGE: Consider the employee's knowledge and application of the techniques, skills, procedures, expertise, etc., required to perform the job.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Possesses technical knowledge and displays understanding of all aspects of the job.    
2. Demonstrates ability to make sound, feasible decisions in a timely, independent manner.    
3. Develops policies, guidelines and procedure in an appropriate manner.    
4. Interprets and applies policy guidelines accurately and consistently.    
5. Demonstrates analytical, objective approach to problem solving.    
6. Demonstrates effective verbal communication skills.    
7. Demonstrates effective written communication skills.    
ACCOMPLISHMENT OF OBJECTIVES: Consider the employee's Performance results on specific projects, objectives and/or goals assigned during this review period.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Establishes and accomplishes realistic objectives.    
2. Systematically assembles and arranges work to meet objectives.    
3. Understands, supports and strives to meet annual goals and objectives of unit.    
QUALITY OF WORK: Consider accuracy, completeness, neatness and employee's performance in maintaining high quality work standards.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Attends to details in a dependable, conscientious manner.    
2. Transmits information and requests expeditiously and accurately.    
3. Produces accurate, thorough and reliable results.    
PRODUCTIVITY: Consider the amount of work accomplished and the effective utilization of time and efforts on key work related issues and problems.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Establishes and meets realistic milestones for task completion.    
2. Exhibits professional behavior under stress.    
3. Effectively manages multiple tasks and responsibilities.    
INITIATIVE AND CREATIVITY: Consider the employee's ability to initiate and follow  through with appropriate action and ability to develop ways to handle new or unusual wok situations through wise use of human and financial resources.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Plans effectively and imaginatively.    
2. Seeks innovative means to improve quality.    
3. Recognizes needs and originates actions.    
4. Adapts to changing priorities, new ideas and methods.    
INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: Consider the employee's ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, co-workers, faculty, students and staff based upon the university's  values.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Demonstrates honesty, integrity and trust in all working relationships.    
2. Demonstrates team spirit & ability to resolve conflicts or concerns in a positive manner.    
3. Encourages and accepts constructive feedback.    
SUPERVISORY SKILLS: Consider the employee's ability to effectively manage human resources.  Consider factors such as delegation of authority, leadership, training/development and team building.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Demonstrates excellence in leadership by promoting teamwork, creativity and a strong work                                                                                                                                       ethic in achieving the goals and objectives of the unit / division    
2. Encourages employees to learn new skills and accept new challenges in meeting their career goals.    
3. Delegates authority though clearly stated objectives and assigned accountability.    
4. Understands and adheres to Action Plan regarding goals and timetables, disseminating plans to other employees on following company guidelines    
DEPENDABILITY: Consider the employee's availability and responsiveness to assigned duties and reliability in performing them  properly. Also consider attendance and punctuality.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Loyalty to The Company    
2. Assumes full responsibility for assigned tasks and completes the same in time.    
3. Accepts full accountability for his / her actions and those he / she supervises.    
4. Exhibits consistency in regular attendance and considers work load when requesting leave.    
PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Consider the contributions made on part of the employee to the staff, community and the industry.
Previous Rating Current Rating
1. Provides positive representation of the Company in civic affairs, community service and to statutory authorities.    
2. Contributes to the Company through participation in special projects, committees, and professional associations.    
SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: Based on the appraisal you have made, please answer the following questions in your own words. Use additional paper if necessary.
1. A.        This employee is well suited for type of work he/she is now doing.
       Please explain.
           B.        Progress towards previously recommended steps for professional development of training:
           C.        Recommendations for additional development or training:
2.            What is your overall evaluation of employee?
                                 Above Average
           I have been the employee's  supervisor for ______________ years and _______________ Months.


I agree with the above evaluation and comments
I  disagree with the above evaluation and comments for the following reasons
Use additional paper if necessary.
Employee's request for professional or personal development or training:
Employees reason for poor performance ( if applicable )
C. Comments by General Manager
D. Comments by Chief Executive:
Total Marks Previous Rating Current Rating
Signature of Employee______________________________________   Date ________________
Signature of Immediate Supervisor_____________________________   Date ________________
Signature of General Manager________________________________   Date ________________
Signature of Chief Executive__________________________________   Date ________________



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